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Combining endodontics with restorative therapy

The DENTSPLY Endo-Resto System contains in one kit materials necessary for the procedure from the obturation of root canals up to the direct adhesive reconstruction of the tooth.


For a tight seal from the apex to the crown

The DENTSPLY Endo-Resto System offers in one procedure the association of DENTSPLY materials with proven records to guarantee the needed security for a successful clinical work:

AH Plus® is the No.1 Endo-sealer in Europe and is well-known for years for its excellent root canal sealing ability.

SDR™, Smart Dentin Replacement, proved in external studies to be the ideal endo-capping material.

XP BOND® exhibits excellent adhesion even under different levels of dentin moisture. 



DENTSPLY Certified Treatment System (CTS)

All components offer proven compatibility and a successful clinical history. The reliability and efficiency of the DENTSPLY Endo-Resto System was tested by external universities.



In only one session from root canal filling to final restoration!

The new AH Plus® Cleaner removes all excess of unset AH Plus®/ AH Plus® Jet™ from the tooth surface, making the final adhesive restoration immediately possible. The DENTSPLY Endo-Resto System offers the possibility to complete the whole procedure in one session.



Designed from Dentists for Dentists  

All Products and the most important accessories are pre-arranged according to the treatment steps to meet the clinical needs of an easy procedure.






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